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mnemo.cpp File Reference
#include "mnemo.h"

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Data Structures

struct  tSpecialChar


void encode_String (const QString &Input, QString &Output)
void decode_String (QString &Output)


struct tSpecialChar SpecialChars []

Function Documentation

void decode_String ( QString &  Output)

Definition at line 82 of file mnemo.cpp.

void encode_String ( const QString &  Input,
QString &  Output 

Definition at line 58 of file mnemo.cpp.

Variable Documentation

struct tSpecialChar SpecialChars[]
Initial value:
= {
{"alpha", 0x03B1}, {"beta", 0x03B2}, {"gamma", 0x03B3},
{"delta", 0x03B4}, {"epsilon", 0x03B5}, {"zeta", 0x03B6},
{"eta", 0x03B7}, {"theta", 0x03B8}, {"iota", 0x03B9},
{"kappa", 0x03BA}, {"lambda", 0x03BB}, {"mu", 0x03BC},
{"nu", 0x03BD}, {"xi", 0x03BE}, {"pi", 0x03C0},
{"rho", 0x03C1}, {"sigma", 0x03C3}, {"tau", 0x03C4},
{"upsilon", 0x03C5}, {"phi", 0x03C6}, {"chi", 0x03C7},
{"psi", 0x03C8}, {"omega", 0x03C9},
{"varpi", 0x03D6}, {"varrho", 0x03F1},
{"Gamma", 0x0393}, {"Delta", 0x0394}, {"Theta", 0x0398},
{"Lambda", 0x039B}, {"Xi", 0x039E}, {"Pi", 0x03A0},
{"Sigma", 0x03A3}, {"Upsilon", 0x03A5}, {"Phi", 0x03A6},
{"Psi", 0x03A8}, {"Omega", 0x03A9},
{"textmu", 0x00B5}, {"cdot", 0x00B7}, {"times", 0x00D7},
{"pm", 0x00B1}, {"mp", 0x2213}, {"partial", 0x2202},
{"nabla", 0x2207}, {"infty", 0x221E}, {"int", 0x222B},
{"approx", 0x2248}, {"neq", 0x2260}, {"in", 0x220A},
{"leq", 0x2264}, {"geq", 0x2265}, {"sim", 0x223C},
{"propto", 0x221D}, {"onehalf", 0x00BD}, {"onequarter", 0x00BC},
{"twosuperior", 0x00B2}, {"threesuperior", 0x00B3},
{"diameter", 0x00F8}, {"ohm", 0x03A9},
{"", 0}

Definition at line 26 of file mnemo.cpp.