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Data Fields
dataset_variable Struct Reference

#include <check_vcd.h>

Data Fields

enum dataset_vartypes type
int output
int size
char * ident
char * dependencies
int isreal
struct dataset_valuevalues
struct dataset_variablenext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 177 of file check_vcd.h.

Field Documentation

char * dataset_variable::dependencies

Definition at line 182 of file check_vcd.h.

char * dataset_variable::ident

Definition at line 181 of file check_vcd.h.

int dataset_variable::isreal

Definition at line 183 of file check_vcd.h.

struct dataset_variable * dataset_variable::next

Definition at line 185 of file check_vcd.h.

int dataset_variable::output

Definition at line 179 of file check_vcd.h.

int dataset_variable::size

Definition at line 180 of file check_vcd.h.

enum dataset_vartypes dataset_variable::type

Definition at line 178 of file check_vcd.h.

struct dataset_value * dataset_variable::values

Definition at line 184 of file check_vcd.h.

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