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parse_dataset.y File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "logging.h"
#include "complex.h"
#include "object.h"
#include "vector.h"
#include "dataset.h"
#include "strlist.h"
#include "check_dataset.h"

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#define YYERROR_VERBOSE   42
#define YYDEBUG   1
#define YYMAXDEPTH   10000000


void dataset_restart (FILE *)
__BEGIN_DECLS int dataset_parse (void)
int dataset_error (const char *)
int dataset_lex (void)
int dataset_lex_destroy (void)
int dataset_check (qucs::dataset *)
dataset_vector reverse ()
dataset_vector setDependencies (dataset_idents)
dataset_result appendVariable (dataset_vector)
 free ($3)
setName ($3)
dataset_result appendDependency (dataset_vector)


qucs::strlistdataset_idents = NULL
int dataset_lineno
FILE * dataset_in
name prefix
VersionLine __pad6__
VariableList __pad7__
Variable __pad8__
FloatList __pad9__
REAL FloatList
IdentifierList __pad10__
Identifier IdentifierList

Macro Definition Documentation

#define YYDEBUG   1
#define YYERROR_VERBOSE   42
#define YYMAXDEPTH   10000000

Function Documentation

dataset_result appendDependency ( dataset_vector  )
dataset_result appendVariable ( dataset_vector  )
int dataset_check ( qucs::dataset )
int dataset_error ( const char *  error)

Definition at line 149 of file parse_dataset.y.

int dataset_lex ( void  )
int dataset_lex_destroy ( void  )
__BEGIN_DECLS int dataset_parse ( void  )
void dataset_restart ( FILE *  )
free (   $3)
dataset_vector reverse ( )
dataset_vector setDependencies ( dataset_idents  )
<'IndepBeginIdentifierInteger'> FloatList<'IndepEnd'> dataset_vector setName (   $3)

Variable Documentation

IdentifierList __pad10__

Definition at line 140 of file parse_dataset.y.

VersionLine __pad6__

Definition at line 96 of file parse_dataset.y.

VariableList __pad7__

Definition at line 98 of file parse_dataset.y.

Variable __pad8__

Definition at line 108 of file parse_dataset.y.

FloatList __pad9__

Definition at line 125 of file parse_dataset.y.

dataset_idents = NULL

Definition at line 113 of file parse_dataset.y.

FILE* dataset_in
int dataset_lineno

Definition at line 112 of file parse_dataset.y.

Eol FloatList
Initial value:
void add(nr_complex_t)
Definition: vector.cpp:151
qucs::vector * dataset_vector

Definition at line 128 of file parse_dataset.y.

Identifier IdentifierList
Initial value:
void add(char *)
Definition: strlist.cpp:65
qucs::strlist * dataset_idents

Definition at line 141 of file parse_dataset.y.

name prefix

Definition at line 52 of file parse_dataset.y.