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Public Member Functions | Private Attributes
qucs::environment Class Reference

Houses the settings for netlist evaluation. More...

#include <environment.h>

Public Member Functions

 environment ()
 environment (const char *)
 environment (const environment &)
virtual ~environment ()
void copy (const environment &)
void setName (char *)
char * getName (void)
void print (bool all=false)
void setDefinitions (struct definition_t *d)
struct definition_tgetDefinitions (void)
void copyVariables (variable *)
void deleteVariables (void)
void addVariable (variable *, bool pass=true)
variablegetVariable (char *)
void setChecker (eqn::checker *c)
eqn::checker * getChecker (void)
void setSolver (eqn::solver *s)
eqn::solver * getSolver (void)
int equationChecker (int noundefined=1)
int equationSolver (dataset *)
int runSolver (void)
void equationSolver (void)
qucs::vector getVector (char *)
void setDoubleConstant (char *, nr_double_t)
nr_double_t getDoubleConstant (char *)
void setDouble (char *, nr_double_t)
nr_double_t getDouble (char *)
void setDoubleReference (char *, char *)
char * getDoubleReference (char *)
void updateReferences (environment *)
void passConstants (void)
void fetchConstants (void)
variablefindValue (char *)
void setValue (char *, eqn::constant *)
void saveResults (void)
void delChild (environment *)
void addChild (environment *)

Private Attributes

char * name
eqn::checker * checkee
eqn::solver * solvee
ptrlist< environment > * children
bool iscopy
struct definition_tdefs

Detailed Description

Houses the settings for netlist evaluation.

The environment class holds information and pointers to the classes and methods used to evaluate a netlist.

Definition at line 51 of file environment.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qucs::environment::environment ( )

Definition at line 45 of file environment.cpp.

qucs::environment::environment ( const char *  n)

Definition at line 56 of file environment.cpp.

qucs::environment::environment ( const environment e)

Definition at line 68 of file environment.cpp.

qucs::environment::~environment ( )

Definition at line 94 of file environment.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void qucs::environment::addChild ( environment child)

Definition at line 220 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::addVariable ( variable var,
bool  pass = true 

Definition at line 177 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::copy ( const environment e)

Definition at line 80 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::copyVariables ( variable org)

Definition at line 126 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::delChild ( environment child)

Definition at line 225 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::deleteVariables ( void  )

Definition at line 156 of file environment.cpp.

int qucs::environment::equationChecker ( int  noundefined = 1)

Definition at line 195 of file environment.cpp.

int qucs::environment::equationSolver ( dataset data)

Definition at line 201 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::equationSolver ( void  )

Definition at line 212 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::fetchConstants ( void  )

Definition at line 269 of file environment.cpp.

variable * qucs::environment::findValue ( char *  n)

Definition at line 288 of file environment.cpp.

eqn::checker* qucs::environment::getChecker ( void  )

Definition at line 73 of file environment.h.

struct definition_t* qucs::environment::getDefinitions ( void  )

Definition at line 63 of file environment.h.

nr_double_t qucs::environment::getDouble ( char *  ident)

Definition at line 361 of file environment.cpp.

nr_double_t qucs::environment::getDoubleConstant ( char *  ident)

Definition at line 371 of file environment.cpp.

char * qucs::environment::getDoubleReference ( char *  ident)

Definition at line 390 of file environment.cpp.

char * qucs::environment::getName ( void  )

Definition at line 120 of file environment.cpp.

eqn::solver* qucs::environment::getSolver ( void  )

Definition at line 75 of file environment.h.

variable * qucs::environment::getVariable ( char *  n)

Definition at line 185 of file environment.cpp.

qucs::vector qucs::environment::getVector ( char *  ident)

Definition at line 356 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::passConstants ( void  )

Definition at line 259 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::print ( bool  all = false)

Definition at line 422 of file environment.cpp.

int qucs::environment::runSolver ( void  )

Definition at line 232 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::saveResults ( void  )

Definition at line 323 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::setChecker ( eqn::checker *  c)

Definition at line 72 of file environment.h.

void qucs::environment::setDefinitions ( struct definition_t d)

Definition at line 62 of file environment.h.

void qucs::environment::setDouble ( char *  ident,
nr_double_t  val 

Definition at line 366 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::setDoubleConstant ( char *  ident,
nr_double_t  val 

Definition at line 381 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::setDoubleReference ( char *  ident,
char *  val 

Definition at line 400 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::setName ( char *  n)

Definition at line 114 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::setSolver ( eqn::solver *  s)

Definition at line 74 of file environment.h.

void qucs::environment::setValue ( char *  ,
eqn::constant *   

Definition at line 299 of file environment.cpp.

void qucs::environment::updateReferences ( environment up)

Definition at line 342 of file environment.cpp.

Field Documentation

eqn::checker* qucs::environment::checkee

Definition at line 103 of file environment.h.

ptrlist<environment>* qucs::environment::children

Definition at line 105 of file environment.h.

struct definition_t* qucs::environment::defs

Definition at line 107 of file environment.h.

bool qucs::environment::iscopy

Definition at line 106 of file environment.h.

char* qucs::environment::name

Definition at line 101 of file environment.h.

variable* qucs::environment::root

Definition at line 102 of file environment.h.

eqn::solver* qucs::environment::solvee

Definition at line 104 of file environment.h.

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