Phase and Amplitude Noise

The harmonic balance noise analysis calculates the noise power spectral density $ S_{uu,k}(\omega_R)$ at the noise frequency $ \omega_R$ of the $ k$-th harmonic. The SSB phase and amplitude noise normalized to the carrier can be obtained by using the symmetry between positive and negative harmonic numbers:

$\displaystyle \left< \Phi_k \Phi_{-k}^* \right> = \dfrac{S_{uu,k} + S_{uu,-k} -...
...e}\left( C_{Z,k,-k}\cdot\exp(-j\cdot 2\cdot\phi_k) \right)} {\vert U_k \vert^2}$ (8.6)

$\displaystyle \left< A_k A_{-k}^* \right> = \dfrac{S_{uu,k} + S_{uu,-k} + 2\cdo...
...e}\left( C_{Z,k,-k}\cdot\exp(-j\cdot 2\cdot\phi_k) \right)} {\vert U_k \vert^2}$ (8.7)

with $ U_k = \vert U_k\vert \cdot \exp(j\cdot\phi_k)$ being the $ k$-th harmonic.

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