Large-Signal S-Parameter Simulation

Using harmonic balance techniques, it is also possible to perform an S-parameter simulation in the large-signal regime. This is called LSSP (large-signal s-parameter). Figure 7.2 shows the principle. The port $ n$ excites the circuit with the simulation frequency $ f_0$; meanwhile the power of all other ports is set to zero. Having voltage and current of the fundamental frequency $ f_0$ at the ports, the S-parameters can be calculated:

$\displaystyle \underline{S}_{mn} = \frac{\underline{U}_m(f_0) - \underline{I}_m...
...derline{U}_n(f_0) + \underline{I}_n(f_0)\cdot Z_n} \cdot \sqrt{\frac{Z_n}{Z_m}}$ (7.18)

Figure 7.2: S-parameter from AC voltages and currents

An algorithm in symbolic language should describe the whole LSSP:

caption={symbolic HB algorithm},
... $\underline{S}_{mn}$\ according to above-mentioned equation.

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