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vector.cpp File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <cmath>
#include <float.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include "real.h"
#include "complex.h"
#include "object.h"
#include "logging.h"
#include "strlist.h"
#include "vector.h"
#include "consts.h"

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vector qucs::unwrap (vector, nr_double_t tol=M_PI, nr_double_t step=2 *M_PI)
nr_complex_t qucs::sum (vector)
nr_complex_t qucs::prod (vector)
nr_complex_t qucs::avg (vector)
vector qucs::signum (vector)
vector qucs::sign (vector)
vector qucs::xhypot (vector, const nr_complex_t)
vector qucs::xhypot (vector, const nr_double_t)
vector qucs::xhypot (const nr_complex_t, vector)
vector qucs::xhypot (const nr_double_t, vector)
vector qucs::xhypot (vector, vector)
vector qucs::sinc (vector)
vector qucs::abs (vector)
vector qucs::norm (vector)
vector qucs::arg (vector)
vector qucs::real (vector)
vector qucs::imag (vector)
vector qucs::conj (vector)
vector qucs::dB (vector)
vector qucs::sqrt (vector)
vector qucs::exp (vector)
vector qucs::limexp (vector)
vector qucs::log (vector)
vector qucs::log10 (vector)
vector qucs::log2 (vector)
vector qucs::pow (vector, const nr_complex_t)
vector qucs::pow (vector, const nr_double_t)
vector qucs::pow (const nr_complex_t, vector)
vector qucs::pow (const nr_double_t, vector)
vector qucs::pow (vector, vector)
vector qucs::sin (vector)
vector qucs::asin (vector)
vector qucs::acos (vector)
vector qucs::cos (vector)
vector qucs::tan (vector)
vector qucs::atan (vector)
vector qucs::cot (vector)
vector qucs::acot (vector)
vector qucs::sinh (vector)
vector qucs::asinh (vector)
vector qucs::cosh (vector)
vector qucs::sech (vector)
vector qucs::cosech (vector)
vector qucs::acosh (vector)
vector qucs::asech (vector)
vector qucs::tanh (vector)
vector qucs::atanh (vector)
vector qucs::coth (vector)
vector qucs::acoth (vector)
vector qucs::ztor (vector, nr_complex_t zref=50.0)
vector qucs::ytor (vector, nr_complex_t zref=50.0)
vector qucs::rtoz (vector, nr_complex_t zref=50.0)
vector qucs::rtoy (vector, nr_complex_t zref=50.0)
vector qucs::diff (vector, vector, int n=1)
vector qucs::operator+ (vector v1, vector v2)
vector qucs::operator+ (vector v, const nr_complex_t c)
vector qucs::operator+ (const nr_complex_t c, vector v)
vector qucs::operator+ (vector v, const nr_double_t d)
vector qucs::operator+ (const nr_double_t d, vector v)
vector qucs::operator- (vector v1, vector v2)
vector qucs::operator- (vector v, const nr_complex_t c)
vector qucs::operator- (vector v, const nr_double_t d)
vector qucs::operator- (const nr_complex_t c, vector v)
vector qucs::operator- (const nr_double_t d, vector v)
vector qucs::operator* (vector v1, vector v2)
vector qucs::operator* (vector v, const nr_complex_t c)
vector qucs::operator* (vector v, const nr_double_t d)
vector qucs::operator* (const nr_complex_t c, vector v)
vector qucs::operator* (const nr_double_t d, vector v)
vector qucs::operator/ (vector v1, vector v2)
vector qucs::operator/ (vector v, const nr_complex_t c)
vector qucs::operator/ (vector v, const nr_double_t d)
vector qucs::operator/ (const nr_complex_t c, vector v)
vector qucs::operator/ (const nr_double_t d, vector v)
vector qucs::operator% (vector v, const nr_complex_t z)
vector qucs::operator% (vector v, const nr_double_t d)
vector qucs::operator% (const nr_complex_t z, vector v)
vector qucs::operator% (const nr_double_t d, vector v)
vector qucs::operator% (vector v1, vector v2)
qucs::vector qucs::linspace (nr_double_t, nr_double_t, int)
qucs::vector qucs::logspace (nr_double_t, nr_double_t, int)
vector qucs::cumsum (vector)
vector qucs::cumavg (vector)
vector qucs::cumprod (vector)
vector qucs::ceil (vector)
vector qucs::fix (vector)
vector qucs::floor (vector)
vector qucs::round (vector)
vector qucs::sqr (vector)
vector qucs::step (vector)
static nr_double_t qucs::integrate_n (vector v)
vector qucs::erf (vector)
vector qucs::erfc (vector)
vector qucs::erfinv (vector)
vector qucs::erfcinv (vector)
vector qucs::i0 (vector)
vector qucs::jn (const int, vector)
vector qucs::yn (const int, vector)
vector qucs::polar (const nr_complex_t, vector)
vector qucs::polar (vector, const nr_complex_t)
vector qucs::polar (vector, vector)
vector qucs::atan2 (const nr_double_t, vector)
vector qucs::atan2 (vector, const nr_double_t)
vector qucs::atan2 (vector, vector)
vector qucs::w2dbm (vector)
vector qucs::dbm2w (vector)
nr_double_t qucs::integrate (vector v, const nr_double_t)
nr_complex_t qucs::integrate (vector v, const nr_complex_t)
vector qucs::dbm (vector, const nr_complex_t z=50.0)
qucs::vector qucs::runavg (const nr_complex_t, const int)
vector qucs::runavg (vector v, const int n)