Qucs-core  0.0.18
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transient.h File Reference

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void qucs::transient::calcCorrectorCoeff (int, int, nr_double_t *, nr_double_t *)
void qucs::transient::calcPredictorCoeff (int, int, nr_double_t *, nr_double_t *)
void qucs::transient::getConductance (integrator *, nr_double_t, nr_double_t &)
void qucs::transient::integrateEuler (integrator *, int, nr_double_t, nr_double_t &, nr_double_t &)
void qucs::transient::integrateBilinear (integrator *, int, nr_double_t, nr_double_t &, nr_double_t &)
void qucs::transient::integrateGear (integrator *, int, nr_double_t, nr_double_t &, nr_double_t &)
void qucs::transient::integrateMoulton (integrator *, int, nr_double_t, nr_double_t &, nr_double_t &)
void qucs::transient::setIntegrationMethod (circuit *, int)
int qucs::transient::correctorType (char *, int &)
int qucs::transient::correctorType (int, int)
int qucs::transient::predictorType (int, int, int &)
nr_double_t qucs::transient::getCorrectorError (int, int)
nr_double_t qucs::transient::getPredictorError (int, int)